With some VERY hot musicians and an over active sense of fun 29 FINGERS have learnt what makes a fabulous night’s enjoyment on the dance floor.

A quick scan through our gallery of pictures will show you that besides the great music there's lights, colour, smiles, costumes, hats, wigs, tambourines and an abundant sense of fun and occasion. The proof is right there on the faces of the audience, big smiles, hands in the air and always the call for “MORE”!!

If there's anything we can do that will raise the roof even higher then you can be sure we'll give it a go! 29 FINGERS love a party and it seems a party loves 29 FINGERS but don't just take our word for it, chances are you're looking at this on someone else's recommendation...take their word for it, or have a look at our page of testimonials.

Ivan McCormick, 29 Fingers’ Band Manager

As an original member of Irish rockers U2, Ivan’s adventures in the world of music have been well documented, firstly as a book ‘I was Bono’s Doppelgänger’, then a Hollywood movie ‘Killing Bono’ and more recently in a West End show ‘Chasing Bono’.

He started 29 Fingers some years ago in Val D’Isère whilst doing ski seasons in an attempt to escape a colourful past life!

Things just spiralled out of control and now the band plays over 100 events annually throughout the UK and Europe.